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What is the impact of technology on young people's lives? Is your school prepared to deal with these new challenges?

Technology is increasingly present in the lives of young people. To understand the relation between them and technology, we have created the collaborative project “Technology and Youth” in partnership with the psychiatrist Jairo Bouer. The idea is to investigate the impacts of this use upon emotions, behaviors, relationships and the school life of the students.

This project was designed in two phases. The first took place in 2018 and sought to identify how teaching professionals see the use of technology by young people.

The second phase is happening now and public and private schools are invited! Participating institutions will receive a final report with data from across the country and a careful analysis of the results. In addition, individual reports will be available for units and networks that participate with significant numbers of students, in addition to the schools of Educacional.

Why participate?

The young people involved will be stimulated to reflect on their attitudes and behaviors resulting from the use of technologies.

Your school will answer the largest national survey encompassing students between 8th and 3rd grades, aiming to analyze the use of technology.

Mapping the data collected in the survey will result in a detailed report prepared by Jairo Bouer, which will be made available to all participating schools.

The partial results of the survey will be announced at the LET'S GO Festival, the largest Latin American Educational Innovation event, held in Curitiba (PR).

Jairo Bouer will participate in a webinar with schools to discuss pedagogical strategies and practices for better use of technologies by young people.

Have you considered having an analysis of the students’ profile from your school?

Schools with significant participation will receive individualized data in addition to the overall report!

Would you like to get to know Educational?

I would like to learn more

Questionnaire closed!

Data collect

This is the time to think and fill Dr. Dr. Jairo Bouer research.

15/04 a 23/08


We will participate in a virtual conversation with Dr. Jairo Bouer, debating the results of the research.

16/09 a 27/09

Awareness campaign

At this stage, students should create a campaign that addresses the presence of technology in their lives.

01/10 a 18/10

Support material

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About Jairo Bouer

Psychiatrist - graduated from USP School of Medicine and Institute of Psychiatry at USP Hospital das Clínicas - and a biologist from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). Master of Human Evolution and Behavior, Department of Anthropology, University College London (UCL).

He has worked with communication for 25 years, focusing on prevention, health and sexuality. He has partnered with vehicles such as Folha de S.Paulo, Estado de São Paulo, Revista Época, Rede Globo, MTV, TV Cultura, Canal Futura, CBN, Rádio Jovem Pan, among others.

He is currently a columnist for UOL, RedeAtlântida de Radios (RS and SC), 89 FM (SP) and Encontro, with Fátima Bernardes (Rede Globo). He acts in digital media like YouTube and Facebook.

Author of 11 books and audiobooks, among them Sex Guide for the Curious (Guia dos Curiosos Sexo) (in partnership with Marcelo Duarte, Panda Books) and Sexo & Cia (Publifolha). Panda Books also published the Bate-Papo collection, which includes titles such as Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs, Bodies of Boys (Corpo dos Garotos), Body of Girls (Corpo das Garotas) and First Time (Primeira Vez).